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I am a Welsh professional practician of Art. Originally born in England my family moved to Wales when I was three years old. I studied an Honours Degree in Fine Art at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff where I achieved a 2:2.
I am experienced with Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Casting, Paper Craft, Lace Craft, Weave Craft, Engraving, and I am currently on an Advance Photoshop course.

The subject matters I am fascinated with are; Texture, Colour and Form. The artist which represents my interests the most is Vincent Van Gogh in his later and more colourful period of his painting life.

I also like monster concepts in media. As a result I enjoy playing Pokemon and Monster Hunter and watching films with monsters.

At this moment I am using birds as a vessel for my artwork. I think the reason why I like them is the texture of the feathers, the sharp pointedness of the beak, the torpedo-like shape of their bodies and the intrigue of knowing that they are descendants of biped Dinosaurs. I find it thrilling to look at a bird and recognise dinosaur-like features.

Ironically the animals I like the most are cats, red pandas and the weasel family.
I see the vast empty coldness of the Universe.
I see only the void in the infinite cosmos.
I do not see the beautiful jewels that glistens on the black sheet.
I feel insignificant.

I know my place.
Everyone should know their place.
I am alone.
No one can help me.

I alone am the only thing that can help me.
I cannot see my Father; I do not know Him.

I see only the dark and the cold.
I am blind towards the warmth and light.

Everyone must see reality the way I do.
Everyone must feel how I feel.
I must help them do this.
I hurt, but I do not see that it is I that needs help.

I had a conversation with someone who was rude to me. In General Chat, some people were having a discussion. I joined in and was instantly met with this person telling me "I am not talking to you". This is not the first time I have received this reaction. In the past i had sulked away feeling hurt, because it always hurts to be told this. But this time, I decided to talk with the person to find out why. It went your usual "trying to talk to a toxic player" until I mentioned that I'd pray for them. I am a Christian by the way. That caused a volatile reaction. And they went into acidic atheist mode. Which was good, because the subject now shifted onto the realms where I might actually make a difference. I have only been a Christian since last August, so my academic knowledge of the Bible isn't as good as other people's may be. However, my desire to want to help people (who evidently are hurting. Why else would they be so aggressive to complete strangers?). It was a good talk. It was also stressful because I knew the wrong word in the wrong place could be disastrous. I know that are many people who are atheist because of negative experiences with people who represented Christianity or religion. I was quite defensive at the beginning, but I hope I warmed up and relaxed.

Them: "There is no God because of starving people in Africa!"
Me: 'What are you doing to help?'

Logically that's a fair retort. However, my intention was not to belittle the person who I was talking to. It was to aid them the best I can. If the person who I was talking to was less angry, then my reply might have been less unadvised.

I learnt a lot about them. They revealed their insecurities unintentionally. The "poem" I have written (I have no checked for structure. This is written raw. I wrote it down on a piece of paper and edited a bit of it when I typed it up) is from what she revealed to me about herself. If you want the "poem" to be less "Christiany" because that makes you uncomfortable, take out the line about the Father. But because of who I am, I have that line in, because I think it is important. If I knew how to explain some of these things I would be more successful with being evangelical.

The challenge with evangelicalism is confronting any stigma a person already holds and using terminology that does not alienate them. If you spoke to someone with no idea of Christianity about "being as one spirit in Jesus", that would go over their heads.


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